Studies show that 95% of customers dissatisfied with an organization's services don't actually complain. If you don't get customer complaints,that does not imply that everything is fine. It may only mean that non-complaining customers are quietly accepting conditions they dislike, and are planning never to return. Allow us to audit the quality of your property once or twice a year. It will actually improve your bottom line.

ASEAN Hotelworks has been instrumental in helping to improve quality control in the hospitality industry primarily in Asia. Our quality control programs help the maintenance or improvement of your quality standards, and contribute to making your guest satisfaction and profit goals become reality. 
Please review our quality control review process and let us know when we may discuss your hotels and resorts. 

Quality Assurance Surveys
Testing all products and services against your company’s standards – If no standards have been established, we’ll assist you with minimum operating standards for each department (there’s no charge for that).
A survey starts with the operative making his/her own reservations and providing the client with a detailed report about the reservations agent’s telephone skills, selling versus order taking, etc.
The property’s services are reviewed right from the start. The arrival, the check-in and the rooming. We do inventories of the room itself, the bathroom amenities, and the contents of in-room guest information folders (we also ensure that materials are not outdated).

During the stay ASEAN Hotelworks test all services available (unless instructed otherwise) – our reports usually encompass approximately 80 pages for a full service hotel or resort. We call housekeeping with usual and unusual requests to see the response. We test the resort operators, wake-up service, concierges and maintenance. If specified, we contact the property’s sales and catering department to get information regarding group bookings. At some properties we even tested the security by attempting to walk into the back-of-the-house and enter the employee caf?.

Food and Beverage is reviewed objectively and realistically, by meal period, by restaurant. Each report shows the arrival time, time of order, time of delivery of the food, appearance of the server, bus person, bartender, etc., and a brief description of food presentation, portion size (if applicable) and any possible deviation from the menu description. If employees wear nametags, names of employees are mentioned in the report for future reference.
Quality Assurance Surveys
It goes beyond saying that we can customize our surveys any way you wish.

Quality assurance surveys
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