Whether you already have a plan in place, or wish for us to develop one, we strive for simplistic, yet effective, marketing plans. Time is spent on the product and the market place, including competitive sets, and strategies are developed with key Sales and Marketing people to achieve optimum results.

We determine a project's direction and markets including all potential sources of business. We analyze its marketing and sales operations including file and trace systems, telephone and correspondence procedures, marketing collateral and media placements. Based on ownership's goals for the property, we produce a comprehensive Marketing Plan with the director of sales and marketing, sales team and general manager. The plan is then discussed with ownership and becomes the blueprint to judge success. Quarterly meetings are held to update the plan. Components of the Marketing Plan include:

Develops product differentiation and individual positioning statements for each potential source of business.

Sets realistic goals for each market segment. Outlines market sources, customer mix, major activities and seasonal plans. Creates phased plans for transitional properties

Articulates how we will meet our objectives for sales staffing, market and territory segmentation, and sales goals; intended market penetration and approach; sales tools and programs development; and, special "priority periods".

Reviews by critical path calendar all events designed to generate business, including trade shows, sales trips, promotions, special target campaigns and direct mail. Assigns a salesperson to plan, execute and follow-up each event.

Identifies target markets that require media placements to penetrate. Creates a calendar of recommendations with unit-cost breakdowns and campaign themes.

Direct Mail
Recommends a market and date-critical execution plan for distribution of brochures, package programs, segment-specific newsletters, promotional flyers, corporate programs and special announcements.

Electronic Marketing
Websites have evolved from the one- or two-page electronic billboard to a hotel’s electronic, and sometimes, even primary, brochure. Hotel sales and marketing executives still need the print materials, but how convenient is it for us to refer our clients to the website? Link to link, information should be easy to navigate both by prospects and clients. The key is to keep the information concise, comprehensive and compelling. 
We feel that a website is a living, breathing, ever-evolving document that is a live marketing tool and an extension of the hotel. Statistics show that within the next two years, one in five hotel bookings will be made on line. That’s crucial information. Twenty percent of bookings will be made because the hotel’s or resort’s website is easy to follow and simple to use.

Creating a Hotel Guest Book, e-tracking and developing a database is one of today’s most valuable tools. We should include the opportunity to collect e-mail information from surfers who visit the site, as they are in fact giving us their permission to e-mail them with future bargains and specials. The beauty of the electronic brochure is that we can share it with the world, and that all potential guests can sign on to hear more from us later on. How incredible it is for a hotel, particularly small, independent hotels, that may not have the vast budgets of the major brands, to collect names and e-mail addresses for potential guests from around the world, and then share information with them – At no cost ! 

Few industries are as personal as hospitality. Guests have varied preferences, schedules and reasons for returning to a particular hotel or resort. Knowing these patterns represents a critical marketing advantage. Yet few hotels and resorts have the expertise to actually track and understand these trends. ASEAN Hotelworks does! Using a method known as data mining, they extract and analyze guest data, enabling you to develop highly targeted marketing strategies founded on this vital intelligence. The hotels or resort uses this information to drive business.

    • Marketing campaigns are built on proven producers.
    • The property zeroes in on guests by time of year, market segment, geographic/
       demographic origin, age, income, day of week and spending patterns.
    • Costly guest newsletters are replaced by targeted emailings.
    • New prospects targeted with same accuracy.
Special offer e-mailings sent periodically to customer list.

Publicity and Public Relations
Addresses a complete communications program ranging from grass root activities, such as a "General Manager Roundtable", to distribution of press releases and planning special events.

Defines additional business opportunities, including representative and affiliation groups, reciprocal agreements with other hotels/resorts, golf or spa facilities, incentive programs for existing members to enlist new members, and cross-sell programs between departments within the project.

Produces a detailed budget for the Marketing Plan along with a complete sales and marketing departmental expense budget.

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