At ASEAN Hotelworks we begin each new hospitality project, whether existing or to be developed, by researching its market position and potential, developing a "site analysis" that reviews location, access, area development, available markets, and anticipated demand. This analysis helps us determine the best direction for the property. For those projects that are already operational, we undertake a comprehensive study of current operations and marketing practices. These two reviews become the framework for establishing our operating procedures. We comprehensively analyze each department to identify which controls and reporting systems are best for maximizing operational performance and financial results. All departments are included in this review. 
The approach used in this analysis, and the resultant internal control procedures and reporting that is established at the property, typically includes the following minimally:
Sales Performance
Tracks each sales person's performance against his or her sales goals.
Source of Business
Analyzes each market segment performance versus plan to highlight problems and opportunities.

Backlog Report
Identifies trends and aggregate sales organization progress, by tracking booked business versus historical and budgeted levels. 

Pick-Up Report
Flags "firm-up" dates for near-term business to ensure aggressive sales efforts against all future dates.
Call Tracking / Selective Sales Guidelines
Teaches reservationists effective sales techniques for booking rooms, tee times, spa treatments and other activities. Tracks their results to determine calls answered, lost and converted calls, and effectiveness of revenue management. 
Current Business for Future Dates
Reports actual level of committed future business by day to aid in labour scheduling and identify "opportunity windows" for sales and marketing assistance.
Daily Statistics Report
Reports actual number of rooms occupied, rounds of golf played, spa treatments given, etc., unit pricing for each, total revenue and related data. Highlights performance versus budget and history to analyze trends and actions.
Menus and Menu Cards
Creates menus for each outlet based on customer preferences. Prices are based on marketplace surveys and margin expectations. Menu cards identify each item's potential cost and yield. 
Food and Beverage Abstracts
Reports count and mix of menu items sold and compares the actual cost of sales with theoretical cost of sales for each menu item.
Daily Food and Beverage Statistics
Tracks sales and cover counts by outlet, meal period sales and covers. Highlights performance versus budget and history to identify trends and action.
Staffing Guidelines
Identifies employee headcount needs by job title based on sales volumes as part of the "zero base" annual budgeting process.
Sales and Labour Forecasts
Anticipates sales and variable labour needs weekly, within staffing guideline allowances, based on projected business levels for the rooms department, golf shop, spa, maintenance and other departments.
Sales and Labour Report
Summarizes labour hours and remunerations versus "allowed" labour weekly. Highlights shortfalls versus forecasted sales and labour "flexes down" for appropriate action.
Policy Manual
Sets comprehensive guidelines for accounting procedures such as monthly closing schedules, expense report processing, cash handling, credit policy, and the timing, frequency and methodology of inventory-taking. 
Annual Operating and Capital Budget
Sets budgets yearly with individual department manager's full participation. Approach is zero-based, but takes historical performance into account. Market sensitivity is an important test in determining the capital improvements and replacement list.
Monthly Financial Statements
Reports actual revenue and percentage performance versus budget and prior year. Monthly reviews highlight successes and identify opportunities for improvement.
Inventory Control System
Counts linens, food and beverage, golf and spa merchandise, marketing collateral and other operating inventories at least monthly. Compares costs against budgets and sales volume to determine action.
Purchase Orders / Authority Limits
Installs a system with authority limits for each manager on a departmental or centralized basis. Receiving is not managed by Purchasing unless countervailing control measures are in place.
Savings / Pars / Re-Orders
Encourages "pooled" purchasing. Pars and re-order levels minimize inventory investments and avoid expensive and reputation-damaging outages.
Employee Handbook
Communicates expectations of each employee with respect to: personal conduct and job performance; interaction with guests, fellow employees and superiors; and other aspects of their performance. Each employee must sign, acknowledging having received and read.
Performance Reviews / Opinion Surveys
Formalizes two-way communications between employer and employees, with regular performance reviews by supervisors and periodic employee opinion surveys.
Training and Development Program
Ensures efficient and consistent operations via new employee orientation, training manuals, techniques such as experienced employee "shadowing" and other programs.
We suggest monthly meetings to discuss major issues, review monthly performance statements, monitor marketing plans and maintain an open line of communications on the project.
We suggest monthly meetings to discuss major issues, review monthly performance statements, monitor marketing plans and maintain an open line of communications on the project.

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