Typically, ASEAN Hotelworks candidates are not actively seeking new positions. It is the retained search firm's role to identify candidates who may fit the culture and needs of that company, and to then present a slate of candidates to the client. The retained executive recruiter serves as a management consultant to the client company. We take the time to develop a thorough understanding of our clients' needs and goals and our candidates' strengths, character traits, and expectations. The result is an excellent fit between the needs of the client and the attributes of the candidate. 

Our work reflects experience in both executive search and management consulting. The ASEAN Hotelworks associates bring the ability to analyze people, organization structure, company culture, and market dynamics. ASEAN Hotelworks also utilizes long established relationships with executives across the globe. We confer with them about changes in industries and specific companies, and get candidate recommendations. Thus, we can focus on achievers quickly.
We conduct searches for VP's, GMs and departmental operating staff executives in the hospitality industry. 

Please review the process flow below - it shows you exactly how the process works!

Week 1
• Organizational Review
• Develop Position Description
• Determine requisite experience; cultural exposure and background
• Formulate Search Strategy

Weeks 2-4

• Respond to EVERY applicant as appropriate, regardless of suitability
• Identify & Recruit Candidates
• Conduct Initial Interviews
• Develop Initial Shortlist of Candidates
• Review Emerging Candidates

Weeks 4-6

• Further qualify candidates
• Compare candidates’ qualifications
• Select and interview shortlist

Weeks 6-8
• Develop offer strategy
• Offer presentation
• Reference & degree checking
• Facilitate transition process

Formulate Search Strategy
Based on criteria established for the position an initial target-list of potential sources and known professionals will be reviewed for inclusion in the initial recruiting effort. In addition, the client can also identify specific candidates or source companies they would like pursued. 

Pre-search Confirmation
Prior to the formal search the consultant will initiate a final review of the client's expectations and the job description. In addition, the consultant will review the balance between position criteria and the desired compensation package to ensure viability based on current market conditions.

Identify and Recruit Candidates
The consultant will draw upon extensive industry contacts, a confidential internal database, the Internet, various sophisticated search engines and other sources to identify potential candidates for the position. Initial interest and qualifications of potential candidates will be tested and position information will be released on an “as needed basis” to protect our clients’ interests.

Conduct Initial Interviews
Once strong potential candidates are identified, the consultant conducts in-depth interviews to gain a thorough understanding of a candidate’s background, qualifications and career aspirations. In addition, the consultant and candidate engage in numerous conversations to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the position and the company.

Develop Initial Short-list of Candidates
An initial slate of candidates will be developed and presented by the consultant to the client for review. In addition to an oral review a written resume and background summary may also be forwarded to the client. It is customary for the initial slate of candidates to include diverse backgrounds and skills to help further define the position.

Review Emerging Candidate
As the consultant and the client review the backgrounds of the initial slate of candidates a group will emerge, which will make it to the next step in the process. It is at this stage of the process where the consultant will advise the client on the best strategy whether or not to pursue each candidate (depending on individual circumstances).

Further Qualify Candidates
It is often the case that after the presentation of the initial slate of candidates, the client may want additional information about specific candidates. The consultant will pursue this information and integrate it into the final slate of candidates. 

Present Shortlist of Candidates
Once the final slate of candidates has been developed it is reviewed with the client company and a short list of candidates is identified.This is the appropriate time for a telephone interview to take place with high potential candidates. The consultant can assist the client in the development of relevant questions and discussion points if so desired.

Verify Top Candidate Qualifications
Clients may request that additional information or background information be developed on the candidate, after the telephone interview, but before a personal visit. This can include additional questions to be answered by the candidate, a work history verification, education verification, and reference checking.

Select and Interview Short List
Consultant briefs both the client and the candidate regarding what to expect from the face-to-face interview process. In addition, the consultant can assist the client in the development of a tailored set of questions to use in the interview. After the interview, consultant will debrief both the client and candidate.

Develop Offer Strategy
We are prepared to assist clients in developing and negotiating the terms of employment including base salary, performance related bonus structures, delayed compensation, moving and transition expenses, etc. 

Offer Presentation
Consultants engage in discussions throughout the process with potential candidates to identify factors that will be critical when it comes to the offer, negotiation, and ultimately the acceptance process, so they may advise the client regarding keys to success.

Facilitate Transition Process
One of the most critical periods in the executive search process is the transition between accepting an offer and settling into the new position. The consultant stays in touch with the new employee throughout the transition period, and also works closely with the client to help facilitate a successful outcome.

Review Process
The most talented executives today have relationships with professional executive recruiters. Often you do not find them through advertising or Internet postings, because these executives wish to ensure absolute confidentiality. We have had relationships with world-class talent in many different industries for a long time.
We have provided our clientele with excellent service since 1987. We do both national and international executive search. Most of our candidates are graduates from some of the finest schools. 
We do not waste your time by sending you useless paperwork. We carefully qualify the assignment by listening to what your needs are, and add our suggestions. Then we go source and match  and respond within an acceptable timeframe. After we receive our retainer fee we do not charge anything until the job is done. There are no other hidden charges.

Tel: Fax: or by e-mail: recruitment@asean-hotelworks.com

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