Handover and title deed transfer services for newly built Villas, Apartments/Condominiums.

ASEAN Hotelworks Management provides professional handover services to buyers. What exactly are handover services? This service is aimed particularly at buyers who may not have time, or the inclination, to inspect their properties when the developer or contractor wishes to hand them over, and may want to enlist ASEAN Hotelworks to do just that for them. 

ASEAN Hotelworks will inspect the property and punch-list defects, both structural and cosmetic and submit this punch-list to the contractor/developer –together with photographic evidence- for rectifications and at the same time agree on a mutually convenient date for a 2nd inspection round. Naturally, ASEAN Hotelworks  will keep the buyer abreast of developments by means of a detailed report. Buyers need to empower ASEAN Hotelworks by signing a Power of Attorney. ASEAN Hotelworks  can also arrange for the installation of phone-line (s), ADSL enabled if required and available, and cable TV packages and any other services you may require.

Title deed transfers can be processed by us and facilitated at the land office, where we 
can assist in a smooth registration of property in your name. 
We can escort you, or if you are unable to personally attend, you can assign a Power of Attorney.

                    Building handover services
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