Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Review of, and input for, Sales & Purchase Agreements to ensure that essentials are 
    • Discuss your expectations regarding the financial performance of this asset: Both short 
       and long term.
    • We review subject hotel or resort to give you an initial assessment of the property. We 
       conduct brief interviews with the hotel’s general manager, financial controller, director 
       of sales & marketing and director of engineering. This will provide us with valuable input 
       and information regarding the state of the property, but equally important also, for     
       formulating the most effective plan of action after the     close of escrow.
    • We evaluate the most recent appraisal on the property and compare the valuation 
       with historical and current net operating income, and current capitalization rates in the 
       market for comparable property sales.
    • Financial statements for at least the past three (3) years are inspected to identify 
       possible problem areas. We then question the Seller on certain 
       performance issues.
    • ASEAN Hotelworks  reviews the hotel’s historical occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), 
       and revenue per available room (RevPar) statistics and compares these with the 
       property’s competitive set and the market place, to assess actual market share/
       penetration versus fair market share. An assessment of the market place can also be 
    • We assist the client with the review of all contracts, leases, agreements, trade-out 
       agreements, litigation, worker’s compensation reports and claims, any property & 
       liability insurance issues Purchaser should be aware of, etc. Absolute can coordinate 
       property inspections which will cover environmental, structural, plumbing & drainage, 
       irrigation, electrical, roofing, foundation, termite inspections, possible EIA related issues 
       or violations, possible compliance in general, presence of asbestos and other noxious 
       materials, etc.

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