ASEAN Hotelworks currently operates boutique resorts and properties in Phuket and has a variety of new projects in various stages of development and negotiation. It is ASEAN Hotelworks’ stated mission that -once we have joined a project- to see it through. We do not believe in either over-extending ourselves or growing fast purely for the sake of it, and thus joining the legions of dysfunctional organisations. ASEAN Hotelworks aims to stay compact, manageable, and dedicated to what we do best.

ASEAN Hotelworks  continuously strives to offer the highest levels of quality accommodation in elegant, sometimes daringly contemporary surroundings, but always with a warm welcoming ambience. We aspire to pay extraordinary attention, and offer a superb service to our clients & guests. Always open to new ideas and receptive to input, we are in a continuous cycle of aiming to reinvent and improve ourselves 

ASEAN Hotelworks  was founded by European & Thai hoteliers with vision. Each with a long history working for renowned resorts and hotels, and driven by a passion to deliver premium hospitality.         
About the ASEAN Hotelworks  Management style:

ASEAN Hotelworks Conceptual skills
We place great importance on highly creative, yet useful, sensible and comfortable concept development that is sensitive to a specific location and incorporates local cultural and design elements. Subject to the level of budgetary constraints, we strive to avoid standard, off-the-rack generic designs and blunt imitations. Nevertheless, it must be said that nobody is an expert in each and every facet of design, and sometimes adaptations to existing designs are made. Every detail is thought through, scrutinized and critically analysed, ranging from amenities to service concepts to the ergonomic suitability of seating facilities. We are continuously weighing and redefining hospitality and leisure concepts trends. Thus, we are in a position to create the most appropriate product for each of our projects. This is then implemented by closely working with the General Manager of each property in adapting and implementing our policies and systems in harmony with the local environment.

ASEAN Hotelworks Hospitality-givers
People are absolutely paramount in the service industry, and without good hospitality-givers everything else is a disappointment too. We therefore put emphasis on, and commit time, effort and resources to, choosing the right people. In our long experience of working in Thailand, we have gathered a database containing a wealth of the crème-de-la-crème of professionals in each and every discipline required in the various pre-opening and operational phases. All experts in their own right, once these team players are on board, ideas such as employee development and training, employee recognition, cross training, performance related pay, empowerment are now conventional wisdom and play a big part in our business. In addition to the above we also instill strong market orientation and financial discipline amongst all of our team-members as well as a strong commitment through loyalty and a feeling of belonging and ownership. 

ASEAN Hotelworks Dynamics
As a relatively young & energetic company, we avoid the structure often associated with big corporations ASEAN Hotelworks employs talented and experienced resort General Managers and department heads who are entrepreneurial and bring initiative & innovation to the product. To ensure these are not only words on paper, we allow our General Managers a significant freedom and autonomy whilst still monitoring each operation and giving clear guidelines on financial targets, the ASEAN Hotelworks  operating philosophy and Best Practices, and essential controls and systems. Our General Managers take full responsibility for their unit. 

The ASEAN Hotelworks Experience
As the hospitality industry becomes more and more competitive and demanding, we see that differentiation is a key element in product development and positioning ASEAN Hotelworks  has identified niches in the market, which work on the assumption that clients are looking for an experience and service that excels and exceeds expectations, not merely a stay in a generic environment where guests are reduced to being identified by (room) numbers.
About ASEAN Hotelworks  Management Services

ASEAN Hotelworks offers consultancy, development, leasing and management services for hotels, resorts and spas operated under an ASEAN Hotelworks  brand. Ideally involved with a project from its inception, our team will then guide the development and assures that the brand spirit and brand values influence all facets of the project. Adopting a one-stop seamless approach, property developers and financiers are assured that their properties are developed in accordance with sound concepts that are in turn strongly founded on performance-driven operations.

Corporate Restructuring & Refinancing
- Advise on restructuring of resources in an organization.
- Advise on debt restructuring. 
- Advise on refinancing initiatives. 
- Provide financial asset management services.

Strategic Development
- Advise on strategic development of existing properties and planned developments. 
- Advise on business risk analysis.
- Advise on strategic positioning of real estate assets.
- Advise on investment strategies and perform feasibility studies.
- Advise on marketing and exit strategies.

Concept Development
- Advise on concept and design development of assets under construction.

ASEAN Hotelworks  Central Reservation System
- Links ASEAN Hotelworks-managed properties to a central reservation system. 
- Provides Internet-based sales and marketing services.
- Provides e-commerce transactions for Internet bookings.

Value Driver Analysis
- Identify value drivers in operating and supporting units.
- Establish action plans for profit improvement and cost control of assets under operations.
- Advise on business process re-engineering.

Audit and Corporate Governance
- Perform financial, internal control and operations audits.
- Advise on measures to improve corporate governance.

The scope of services offered ASEAN Hotelworks  is broad and begins with feasibility studies, including site evaluation, market potential, concept development and financial viability calculations. During this phase we put together design briefs and master-planning. Appropriate consultants are identified to compliment the combined experience of the ASEAN Hotelworks  team in developing the project. We also give assistance and advice in the financing process if required.

During Development
Technical Services reviews and advises on all designs and drawings, including but not limited to concept, guest accommodations, public areas, service areas, staff facilities, landscaping, uniforms, graphics and signage, and marketing collateral. We advise on mechanical and electrical requirements, all FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) O.E. (Operating equipment)and all operational systems. 

Project Management Services oversee the planning, follow up, co-ordination and development of the total project from start to finish significantly reducing the project owner's tasks. ASEAN Hotelworks  total management of the project provides better control and coordination of all involved parties - from architects, M&E consultants to structural engineers. 

Pre-opening Services incorporate, but are not limited to, the preparation of budgets and estimated P&L accounts, working capital requirements, staffing and salary guides, recruitment schedules, operating policies, sales and marketing support, printed and electronic collateral design, production and distribution, PR activities, lease negotiations, concession contracts, site visits and inspections with progress reports; whilst continually coordinating the entire design team throughout the pre-opening period.

Testing and Commissioning
Coordinate testing and commissioning of M&E services in consultation with project consultants. Facilitate & oordinate interfacing of vendors’ work with contractors’ work.

Project Hand-over
Coordinate the handing-over of areas from the contractors to the owners/operators. Monitor rectifications and follow-up works as detailed on ‘hand-over’ punch lists. Follow-up on defects to be rectified within the suppliers’ and builder’s published warrantees. 

Post Opening
Full property management consists of identifying key objectives for the property and implementation through the unit General Manager. This includes accounting, administration, cost control, maintenance, sales and marketing and concept implementation. Support by corporate services includes competitor analysis and yield analysis, with frequent inspections.

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